Countries Where You Can Study Abroad For Free In 2021

The Top 5 Countries With Tuition Free Universities For International Students

For almost all international students, especially from developing countries, scholarships and financial aid is what finances their education abroad.

However, not all international students do get these financial aids at the end of the day. Owing to this, most resort to begging for donations, applying for student loans and few withdraw themselves from the university abroad.

The only solution that may seem wise here is to choose of of the cheapest universities for International students. But how about selecting one of the tuition free universities for international students?

In this blog post, we will briefly go through the top 5 countries where you can study abroad for free in 2021. These countries are selected based on academic standards, and also the fact that most international students prefer them to their counterparts.

Countries Where You Can Study Abroad For Free In 2021

Now, let's see the best countries with tuition free universities.

Tuition Free Universities in Austria 2021

All Public Universities in Austria are free for citizens of Switzerland and EU/EAA countries. International students from developing countries are also exempted from paying tuition fees.

Students that are not from those countries will be required to pay only €1,452. You can see the breakdown here.

Tuition Free Universities in Germany 2021

Since 2014, all public universities in Germany were declared free for all, regardless of nationality.

However, that covers only undergraduate studies. Postgradute students will still have to pay tuition fees, though it's not expensive.

For undergraduate students, you have no worries. For master's and Ph.D students, you should check out Financial Aid For International Students In Germany 2021.

In case you are wondering about where to study in Germany, you can see the best universities in Germany 2021.

Tuition Free Universities In Finland For International Students 2021

For all international students, Ph.D study program is free, no matter which country you come from.

As for Master's and undergraduate programs, education is not free for non EU/EEA students that want to study English-taught courses. 

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Tuition Free Universities In Sweden for International Students 2021

In Sweden, education is free for international students from Sweden, Switzerland, EU countries, EEA countries and Nordic countries.

For students of other nationality, they will have to pay tuition fees. However, numerous universities in Sweden do give out Fully Funded and Half Funded Financial Aid to students.

In Sweden, PhD candidates are required to pay no tuition fees, and they are usually paid some money every month.

Tuition Free Universities In Norway for International Students 2021

Finally coming here. When discussing about the Countries where you can study abroad for free in 2021, Norway is the best.

In Norway, all university colleges and state universities do not accept payment from any student, regardless of nationality.

What makes this particular country the best is that the tuition fee waiver is for all levels of education. Undergraduate, Master's and even PhD students are not required to pay tuition fees.

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