Best Universities In Finland 2021

The best universities in Finland In 2021, based on World University Rankings

Apart from being among the countries where you can study abroad for free in 2021, Finland is one of the best places to study in the world. 

Famous for its cool weather and nice scenery, amazing landscape, fishing and water sports, Finland is a good place to be.

Being an international student who hasn't set foot in Finland, it might be difficult to know which University to study. Contained in this blog post are 5 prestigious universities in Finland. Also, I almost forgot to add that those 5 are the best universities in Finland in 2021.

Best Universities In Finland 2021

Kindly note that the universities in this blog post were shortlisted based on the World University Rankings by Times Higher Education. You can see the ranking for every university there. 

University Of Helsinki

Being the oldest and largest in the country, this Finish university is ranked #98 by Times Higher Education. It is ranked #104 by QS world rankings.

There are about 18,000 universities in the world. The University Of Helsinki is the only school in Finland to rank among the top 100 for regularly.

Established in 1640, there are now about 40,000 students in this school. 

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Aalto University

Ranking as the #201 and having over 20,000 students, Aalto University is a place to be.

Aalto University has a wonderful mixture of fields, fields where Science, Art, Technologies and Business links. 

Though formerly existing, it was established in 2010 when 3 Finish institutions merged to form this prestigious university.

Now, Aalto University has 3 campuses, 36 course departments and 6 schools.

Tampere University

Located in Tampere city in Finland, this school is located in a very comfortable place. In fact, 20% of the residents there are Students of this university.

Tampere University ranked #301 in the world best, and ranked #1 in the list of the best places to study in Finland.

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Since it was established in 1925, it has made serious impacts through educating students and making them notable persons in their respective disciplines.

University of Oulu

This Finish university is counted among the best universities in Finland. It is majorly a science university, but also a multidisciplinary one.

It was founded in 1958, and now has 8 faculties. University of Oulu is also famous for its research programs and projects.

Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology

Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology, often shortened as "LUT", is a Finish school that majors in technology and business.

Established in 1969, there are now 5 undergraduate programs and 22 master's programs..

Students are privileged to work on industrial projects that are related to their course of study.

LUT is one of the best universities in Finland. It is ranked #351 by Times Higher Education, #470 by Top Universities ranking, #580 by US News and world reports.

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