Germany Student Visa Application Form | Required Documents To Apply

You will be required to fill a Germany student visa application form if you have been offered admission by an Institution in Germany.

A Germany student visa will enable you as an international student to start full time university studies, as well as commence early study programs. 

Germany Student Visa Application Form Requirements

To begin with the application process, you first have to visit the German embassy in your home country and submit the application form. Alongside the Germany student visa application will be the necessary documents. The needed documents you are to include have been listed below.

Required Documents To Apply For The Germany Student Visa

Kindly note that each of the documents listed in this part are to be submitted in their original form, followed by 2 photocopies.

1. 2 national visa application forms.

2. A genuine national passport.

3. Recent biometric portrait photographs (2).

4. An evidence showing that you have been offered admission in a German Institution. This may be:
  • An admission letter from the university.
  • An admission letter for a foundation course.
  • An admission letter for a preparatory language course in Germany.

5. Valid certificates of previous education. This can be in form of academic records and transcripts. 

6. A Resume or CV that shows past and previous significant achievements and degrees in academics. Relevant work experiences can also be included.

7. A proof of English language proficiency. This is required for international students that will need to communicate in English during their course of study.

The proof of English language proficiency can be in any of the forms below:
  • International English Language Testing System(IELTS). A score ranging from 5 to 6.5 is the standard score accepted by most Institutions in Germany.
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). A minimum score of 550, 213 and 79-80 Points in paper-based, computer-based and internet-based test respectively. 

8. Proof of German language proficiency. This is required for courses that make use of the German language in their coursework.

The proof of German proficiency can be in any of the forms below:
  • Test of German as a Foreign Language (TestDaF). 
  • German Language Diploma of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs, Level II (DSD). 
  • German Language University Entrance Examination for International Applicants (DSH).
  • Goethe Institute German Language Diploma (GDS). 

9. A proof that you have enough to sustain your stay in Germany. This shows that you are financially capable to cover the accomodation, tuition and feeding costs. This can be in any of the forms below:
  • A scholarship award, or a certificate that shows you have been offered financial aid as an international student.
  • A parents' letter of declaration of support that shows your parents approve your stay in Germany and that they would cover all subsequent expenses upon request.
  • A letter of declaration by an already-existing German citizen (or resident) showing that they would cover your financial expenses.
  • A blocked bank account.

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10. A health insurance coverage having a minimum of 30,000 EUR. This insurance must have at least 3 months validity.

11. A marriage certificate for applicants that have a married marital status.

12. A motivational letter written by you. This must show the reason you desire the German Institution out of the several available in the world, and the plans you have in mind concerning your study.

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