Financial Aid For International Students In Germany

An insight into the German tertiary education, financial aids and the available Scholarships for International students in Germany

Financial Aid For International Students In Germany

It's a fact well known to all that starting from October in 2014, all the 16 states in Germany came to a general agreement. That agreement was that all undergraduate coursework program will be free for all.

Only a few departmental and maintenance fee is being paid (in some universities), and it's not usually more than 25-50 Euros.

However, Master's and Ph.D coursework programs were not covered by this privilege. Students under this level will have to pay the standard fees. They should look out for financial aid for international students in Germany. 

It has been observed that many international students in Germany, especially those from developing countries find it hard to sponsor their postgraduate programs. 

That being said, we will look into the financial aid for international students in Germany, which shortlists the top scholarships for international students in Germany.

Financial aid for international students in Germany

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarships in Germany for International Students

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung scholarship board gives out financial aid to international students and Ph.D students.

Applicants must have obtained their bachelor's degree and done a research program (for Ph.d applicants).

There is no specific host university. This means that selected applicants can use the awarded scholarship money in any German university. 

Master's students will be awarded €850, while doctoral students will get a financial aid of €1,200.

The closing date for this scholarship is 15th July. Know more and apply here.

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Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships

This financial aid is for Germans and international students who fall either into the undergraduate or postgraduate level.

All selected applicants will recieve €744 every month and a study fee of €300. Students with children are also given a family allowance of €155 every month.

The closing date for this financial aid is 31st May, 2021. Know more and apply here.

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Scholarships for International Students

This financial aid is for international Masters and doctorate students. The students must be highly qualified and very brilliant.

All German universities and coursework are covered by this scholarship (except Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary medicine).

This financial aid awards living allowances and grants to international students. The tuition fees are not covered by this scholarship.

This scholarship is an annual type. Know more and apply here.

The DAAD Postgraduate Scholarships

This scholarship is for international students (from specific countries, please visit the official website link below to see if your country is eligible) who have completed a undergraduate course, Diploma or an equivalent degree.

The duration of this financial aid is 10 to 24 months, varying based on the course of the selected applicant.

The funding board promises €861 every month, health and insurance fees and a one-off study fund. Each available course has its own closing date. Know more and apply here.

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