Cheap Universities In USA For International Students

Let's go through the cheap universities in USA for international students

Education in the US is a big investment. The constantly rising costs do discourage international students that can't find any financial aid. 

A permanent solution to this is chosing a cheap and affordable university in the first place. That will make coverage of expenses easy and convinient for the international student, irrespective of scholarships and financial aids.

Cheap Universities In USA For International Students

University of Washington In Seattle, Washington

Located in Seattle, WA 98195, USA, the University of Washington has an acceptance rate of 52% and a graduation rate of 84%. The school has over 18 colleges and 54,000 students. This school also has over 17 cheap online universities.

University of Washington now ranks among the cheapest 4-year degree awarding schools in State of Washington.

CUNY Brooklyn College In Brooklyn, New York

Located in 2900 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11210, USA, CUNY Brooklyn college is the first public co-educational liberal arts college to be in New York City. This school has over 75 programmes and 18,000 students, plus a graduation rate of 58%. This school also offers scholarships and financial aid to it's international students.

Purdue University In West Lafayette, Indiana

Located in 610 Purdue Mall, West Lafayette, IN 47907, USA, Purdue University has been in existence since 1869.

This university has over 300 programs and 43,000 students. Also, an online study feature has been introduced in 2018. The university also awards credit for work experience. Purdue University has a graduation rate of 81%.

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University of Florida In Gainesville, Florida

Located in Gainesville, FL 32611, USA, the University of Florida has 52,000 students. More than 100 undergraduate programs and 200 Postgraduate is available in this university.

University of Florida has a graduation rate of 90%, and is the 3rd largest in Sunshine state.

Oklahoma State University In Stillwater, Oklahoma

Located in Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA. Oklahoma State University has a graduation rate of 61%, 300 undergraduate programs plus 200 Postgraduate degree programs.

There are also cheap online degree for bachelor's, mainly engineering, business, nursing, and pre-law courses.

California State University In Long Beach, California

Situated in Long Beach, California in the United States. There are over 37,000 students in 74 undergraduate, 146 postgradute and 7 Ph.D degrees programs.

There is also an online study option for students in long distances. California University has an admittance rate of 28% and graduation rate of 69%.

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