Best Universities In Australia 2021

A Shortlist Of The Best Universities In Australia For International Students In 2021

Just after the United Kingdom and the United States, Australia is the next beloved location for most international students.

A mere view of the top 50 universities in Australia tells it all. Located in Australia are numerous high ranked universities and colleges distributed over several cities.

However, as many do put it, there is always a best among the best. Despite the fact that all universities in Australia are of high academic standards, you should try hard and study in one that is counted among the best (if not the best).

Owing to that, we have in this blog post shortlisted the 5 best universities in Australia.

Best Universities In Australia

1. University of Melbourne

Being the second oldest in Australia, the University of Melbourne was established in 1853.

Presently as of May 2021, there are over 6,000 staff members and more than 45,000 students in University of Melbourne.

Browsing through the school records, 280,000 students have graduated from this same university.

Coming to why University of Melbourne made it into our list of the Best Universities In Australia, it was based on many ranking standards.

According to the World University rankings 2021, Australia ranked number 31.

2. University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is the oldest university in Australia. It was established in 1851, currently having about 46,000 students from over 130 countries.

Also, there are over 260 overseas exchange coursework programs that have affiliations with more than 30 nations.

Several Australian public figures emerged from this University.

The University of Sydney ranked number 51 in the list of the World University rankings 2021.

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3. Australian National University

This is undoubtedly one of the best universities in Australia, as it ranked number 59 based on the world rankings 2021.

The Australian National University was setup in 1946. It was initially a research university, but it later widened to cover other levels of education.

This university has connections with many standard institutions worldwide, of which ETH Zurich, University of Oxford, National University of Singapore and Yale University.

4. University of Queensland

Having almost 40,000 students and 12,000 international students from over 140 countries, the University of Queensland is one of the best universities in Australia.

This school has over 13,000 postgradute students, making it one of the best options for master's and Ph.D programs.

The University of Queensland ranked number 62 in the world best.

5. Monash University

The largest University in Australia. It's name was coined from that of an administrator and military leader; Josh Monash.

It was established in 1958 and now has over 6,000 courses in 10 faculties. It has a lot of campuses, mainly in China, Italy, Malaysia and India.

According to the world University rankings 2021, Monash University ranks number 64.

Interested in seeing the full world rankings? You can get yourself busy here.

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