How to Migrate Get free Scholarship & Work in Canada

Canada is one of the best countries in the world for immigrants. They approve over 300,000 foreign nationals migrating to Canada on yearly basis. However, according to abcnews, Canada aims to approve up to 1million Immigrants over the next 3 years.

There are various ways to migrate to Canada, but in this guide, I’ll focus more on guiding you through the procedure on migrating to Canada for study purpose or work. So, I advise you take a chill pill as you read through the rest of the guide.

Getting Free Scholarship in Canada

Canada offers variety of Scholarship programs. Before I link you to some of these programs, I want to first guide you through on how to migrate to Canada after you apply for Canadian scholarship programs.

To migrate to Canada for the purpose of study, you need to first apply for a Canadian study visa. Simply follow the below steps to apply for study visa.

Applying for Canadian Study visa

  1. Firstly, apply for the choice of institution or scholarship program and get accepted.
  2. After that, make sure you print out the acceptance letter.
  3. After that, make payment for tuition fee and receive receipt. If it’s a fully funded scholarship program, you’ll get receipts from institution.
  4. After that, you need to purchase the GIC certificate.
  5. Obtain your medical certificate as evidence that you’re in good health condition.
  6. Obtain and fill your visa application form.
  7. Make sure you have original photocopy of passport and also get a passport styled photograph.
  8. Family information form is also required.
  9. Proof of English Proficiency test is also required student questionnaire and any other related document.
You can apply for the student visa through Canada CICwebsite.

That’s all for how to apply for study visa in Canada. Let me quickly give a list of Canadian scholarship programs available at the moment.

List of Canadian Scholarship programs

More list to be updated. Remember to re-visit this page.

After you must’ve completed your degree in Canada, you might want to get a job there. Or if you wish to work in Canada after you’ve completed certain education level from your countries, you will need to get a Canadian work visa. So, I’ll quickly brief you on the process of applying for a Canadian work visa.

How to Apply for Canadian work visa

  1. Firstly, depending on your nationality, you may require to apply for the temporary resident visa.
  2. After that, most job offer requires you’ve an approved LMIA (Labour market impact assessment). If you’ve such job offer, then your employer would work on obtaining this from the Employment and Social Development Canada. Once the process is complete, you’ll receive the approval letter.
  3. Next, monitor your application status.
  4. After your application process is completed. You should be granted a work visa.
Don’t also forget that there are other personal assessment being verified while applying for a temporary resident and work visa. So, try to make sure you’ve clean criminal record; you’re in good health condition and some other required assessment. Also, make sure you process the required documents during your application.

You can get lot of job offers from most Canadian job listing websites for immigrants. If you feel you need any other related information, please do let me know via comment section, I’ll be gald to assist you.

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