FINCAD Women in Finance Scholarship in Canada

FINCAD intends to see more women in the finance industry and thus has established the Women in Finance Scholarship.
FINCAD offers the scholarship to women in any learning institution that is recognized by the national or international body approved for the purpose in the host country. FINCAD head office is in Canada.

You can apply for the program if you wish to get a Masters scholarship in Canada. Though the 2018 application window has been closed, you can check their website in spring 2019 for the 2019 Women in Finance Scholarship application.

Successful applicants are awarded US$10,000. Women of any age bracket and from any part of the world are welcome to apply. The field of study for students who get the scholarship is Finance, especially the disciplines that relate to the use of derivatives in capital markets and risk management in finance.


Any female from any nationality who is enrolled in a post-graduate program at a university recognized by the national or international body and approved in the respective country the university is located.
The application for 2018 was closed on 30th June, but you can always check the official scholarship website for future application announcements for Masters and PhD scholarships in Canada.

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